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Carve + Connect


If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.

Join the gathering that stimulates the creative, fun and thoughtful you.


The wax carving you create on the day will be sent for casting using the lost wax process and returned within 4 weeks to you as your very own original 925 sterling silver friendship ring.

Different ways you can carve + connect


Roaming the East Coast – check out the line up to carve it up, have a chat and take the time to stop, reset + connect. Let the keepsake you heartmake be the everyday reminder you need it to be.

V.01 2022 Line up here.


Stay in the comfort of your home and let creativity come to you! Your kit and instructions will be sent your way for you to carve in your own time. You can choose to work at your own pace or join in the dedicated online catch ups. Once your keepsake is  carved you can send it back for casting.

3 released a month

*Please see instructions when ordering your kit


A creative way to bring your team, pals or gang together in your own space from Ballina to Sydney and any place in-between it is all about opening up, slowing down and taking time out. 


Join in the regular workshops hosted in the studio or gather the gang and have your private workshop. 

Different Types you can carve + connect Friendship ring – 3mm & 5mm molds

 Stacker ring  – 1.5mm molds


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