Always on the lookout for the ‘how to’ to try and find that ‘something that I am good at’ has lead to lots of frustration and unfinished projects. After looking for the answers in all the wrong places I now understand that to find the ‘how to’ is just ‘to do.’ The obstacle, like for many others has always been wanting to have things perfect first, to avoid disappointment and failure, but it is the trial and error that is the integral part of the ‘creative process’ so embracing the ‘just do it’ attitude I introduce you to ‘MyKind. culture club;’ the purpose project that builds  community through similar aesthetics, mindset & substance ( a modern mindset).

I thought I had to rely on holidays and the online world to get my creative culture fix but after seeing first hand our creative community that exists beyond the boarders of the major Cities, I started The Open Style Market an ‘online & travelling gallery’ where I travelled the Coast to showcase local artist and designer products as a collective, now evolving it into Mykind. Culture Club, prompts to connect, you, me + them to make us!

This ‘work in progress’ is a community project of mindful development, for those who are drawn in by aesthetics, motivated by substance and driven by the vibe that life has to offer, I hope to capture this essence and create an environment that not only showcases but supports & evolves the creative you.