I confess – workshops + Netflix are my two indulgences, if I am not sitting on the couch being lead around via my remote I am out and about discovering the creative community that surrounds me where ever that may be at the time.

On Saturday in-between my morning coffee, a random 40 minute psychic reading and getting caught in the rain (no, I don’t like Pina Colada’s) on the beautiful Lighthouse beach I attended my first workshop by Creative Port Macquarie hosted by the lovely and sweet Katherine.  It was an Acrylic pouring workshop and despite that I thought this meant Resin (ha) it was a perfect way to start my Saturday. Surrounded by creative strangers, learning about a new skill and only concentrating on that exact moment in time was rewarding for me mentally. Although I could be called a workshop ‘sluzza’ I have only just started to adapt a different mindset to these creative ventures. In the past I concentrated to much on the outcome and demanded the allocated time slot to be the answer to my life purpose, with this still in mind I have learnt to relax and enjoy the process. With a new attitude to engage and become friends with my creative curiosity, I have given myself the freedom to create without judgment and this has taken my experience to a whole new level with a new appreciation of myself, which sometimes is our biggest barrier to our creative brains.

I loved this particular workshop because of its abstract nature, you have limited control on the outcome and I found it very therapeutic and complimentary to my new found mindset.

Hosted in the most beautiful environment, ensured a relaxed and motivated atmosphere. I recommend anyone to invest in an experience with Katherine (not just for the morning tea spread) I think we underestimate the power of not just knowledge exchange but energy exchange, not only did I find out about the Progressive Creative Trail and the Hasting Photography group, but the creative spirit is contagious, powerful and gives unexpected enthusiasm that goes further than a Netflix binge.

4 Tips to enjoy any workshop

[ 1 ]  Get rid of the idea you need to be an expert
[ 2 ] Try something different
[ 3 ]  Stay in the moment
[ 4 ] Praise your own work

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